What is site about?

Hello and welcome to my website. It's mostly about my experience in designing microcontrollers circuits and programming in C++. Otherwise I'm trying to learn something about HTML and CSS and there is a place where I practice. I'm not experienced enough to call myself professional programmer but I'm doing everything to become him. I can proudly say that I know very well basics of C++ :). You can find here most of projects I have made through secondary school. I will try to remember to put code in every post to make it "half-opensource". Why I'm calling it "half"? Becuase I think that these kind of programms are too simple for calling them open source projects.


My adventure with electronics started 4 years ago when my physics teacher invented a "LED cube". It's just a cube made of simple diodes cleverly connected with each others and framework. His cube was made with red LEDs and was in size 8x8x8 diodes. (First time I didn't belive that it was constructed with 512 diodes, becuase on first sight I will say that there are no more than 100 diodes). Teacher suggested that I should try to write software for this cube, because it can really make somebody like "WOW" first time. It was before summer holidays, so I realised that I have much time and I decided to build my own LED cube :). Teacher agreed with my idea. At the beginning I didn't know what's I'm exactly doing and how it works but I trusted my teacher. I planned to complete it in 2 months but with my skills and laziness it had extend to 9 months. After 7th month it I totally recognised how it works and last two months was for replacing dead diodes and checking connections with oscilloscope.

After all I knew basics of electronics quite well and it was good base to start other and my own ideas of electronic projects. You can find more about my cube and even other projects in this category.

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